What Would Give You Hope of Getting Over Your Communication Difficulties? [1 Q survey]

Let's get this right

Hi friends! I’m so excited.

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The new communication course is almost ready for you. The classes are pretty much finished and we are almost a go. I have quick question for YOU today. It’s just TWO CLICKS and you’re done. Yep, just click the title that would MOTIVATE you to get this course and click DONE.

Simple. Right? THANK YOU for taking a moment and sending me your feedback. I’ll let you know when it’s all ready.

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PS. Did you see the group I posted on FB looking for a few people to HELP review the course and send feedback to make it AWESOME for everyone? Here’s the link if you want to help. Click here to go the Facebook group. Then click JOIN and I’ll authorize you as soon as I can. :) Thanks!


5 Things to Remember When Your Confidence is Low

Take a positive step closer to that your compelling dream.

It’s okay, some days you may not feel like you can take another step. Maybe it seems like your own mind is fighting against you.


Sometimes you just need an espresso boost of positive thought energy to move past that funk.

some-days-you-just-have-to-create-your-own-sunshineSome days you just have to make your own sunshine.


Don’t count the days, make the days count.

start-where-you-are-use-what-you-have-do-what-you-canStart where you are, use what you have, do what you can.


Don’t be ashamed of your story. Let it inspire others.

"Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right." - Abe Stone

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.” – Abe Stone


The more I focus my mind on the good, the more good comes to me. #affirmation

Why You Can’t Make It to… Your Dream

Don't Let those Monkeys Kill Your Ambition

Did he say, “YOU CAN’T do that. You won’t make any money that way”? Maybe she laughed when you told her how much you wanted to try something out.

Boys in images traveler and pilot play in his room

Stop and consider the fact that you are on a different PATH than they are.

Sure, it may not work, if they did it… but you are not them.

Heck, they may have tried and it didn’t work.

There’s a story in which business professors Gary Hamel and C. K. Parahalad wrote about a group monkeys that had been put through an experiment.

They placed the monkeys in a room with a pole, and at the top of the pole there was bunch of bananas. Every time one of the monkeys climbed up, they sprayed it with cold water just before it reached the bananas.

Each one tried several times until they all GAVE UP.

The person saying it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it. Chinese Proverb

They then replaced one of the monkeys with a monkey which had not been sprayed with water. As it climbed the pole, the other monkey, who knew about the water, pulled it down.

The new monkey eventually gave up.

Then they switched another new monkey with another one which had been sprayed. The same thing happened, but the new monkey who had come just before it joined in pulling this second monkey down.

They eventually exchanged all of the monkeys, until none of the original monkeys which had been showered with water were left in the room.

Though they DIDN’T KNOW WHY, all the monkeys would still pull down any NEW monkey which tried to go for the bananas.

Just think about it, WHO is stopping you? Remember, they may have their story but now it’s time to live your story.

Stop listening to the naysayers.

Expect to have to PERSIST past obstacles.

Go bananas! 😉

Investing Time in You

A temporary shift to serve you better

With you, my reader, as my main focus, my goal here at CRW has always been to provide the content and tools that are most helpful to YOU.

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As I’ve interacted with many of you over past couple of years there have been a few themes that have been coming up regularly. Rather than continuing to post a little here and there on these topics, I decided pick one and put together a practical how to course for you.

The course will help you learn to MANAGE the challenging relationships in your life, discover new ways to COMMUNICATE and CLEAR out some of the negative energy you may be facing in some of your interactions with others, and become a more EFFECTIVE and happier COMMUNICATOR.

Making TIME TO WORK on this and get it to as soon as possible is now my PRIORITY. To do this I will be putting a pause to my regular video posts, and begin posting shorter posts every week or even twice a week. (you may have noticed this shift already last week) :)

I want to HEAR FROM YOU. Please tell, what is one of the biggest COMMUNICATION challenges you feel is weighing you down and taking the JOY out of your RELATIONSHIPS with family, friends, lovers, children, or even work colleagues?

Come over and let’s talk about it on Facebook. COMMENT on the link below:


A Simple Key to Creating the Future You Want Now

Get ready to enjoy an awesome life

Every morning I look at my exercise plan and I know I want to have a healthy, strong body when I’m older. What do you want to have in your future?

Beautiful fitness athlete woman drinking water after work out exercising on sunset evening summer in beach outdoor portrait

Decide, commit, and make today matter. That feeling you want in the future will be your if you chose well today.

In this Video:

00:15 – My Coach Got Me on This
00:40 – How Your Future Depends on One Day
01:18 – Tell Me How You Do Anything, I’ll Tell You Your Future
01:40 – A Top Basketball Coach’s Life Insight
02:24 – Quote from – John Maxwell
02:53 – Affirmation to Move You Forward

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5 Things You Want to Do When You Have to Start Over

How to start over and get it right

If the pain of spending time in a dead end career or a harmful relationship isn’t bad enough, at what point will you be willing to start over, and do something new? I don’t think it’s usually easy saying, “Oops, I guess that’s that. I’ve gotta start over.”

Group of people jumping over an obstacle during the Inferno run mud race

The times it has happened to me I was forced into it but I’ve learned a few things that do make it easier.

In this Video:

00:30 – You Face What Jane in The Mentalist Faced Regularly
01:00 – 3 Tools You Can Use If You Get This
01:34 – Do You Have a Lot of Sunken Cost?
02:17 – Experiencing Divorce
03:00 – Speed Up Failure
03:30 – The Detachment Connection
04:16 – Acceptance Is Magic
05:10 – If You Get This Right The Rest Will Follow
05:30 – Quote from – Guy Vinley
05:45 – Affirmation to Move You Forward

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4 Easy Solutions to Conversations That Make You Nervous

How to think faster and improve your conversation skills

Surprize introductions to friends, planned job interviews, scheduled business meetings, and the list goes on of possible speaking scenarios that make people uncomfortable. Conversations can make any of us nervous to different degrees.

Candid picture of a business team collaborating. Filtered serie with light flares, bokeh  and warm sunny tones.

Sir Richard Branson wrote about his fear of public speaking in his book the Virgin Way, “There are two types of people: those who get nervous giving speeches and liars.”

In this Video:

00:10 – Do You Get Nervous in These Settings?
00:32 – Here’s What Can Change That
00:57 – How to Think Faster Infographic From Ana Vital
01:20 – A Tip From Comedy Impromptu
02:00 – The 3 Second Rule
02:45 – Learning This Skill Connects You to What Can’t Be Heard
03:22 – Go With This and Correct on The Way
04:00 – Quote from – Peter Drucker
04:15 – Affirmation to Help You Move Forward

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